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At My Global Dreams we strongly belief in the power of open source and transparent information. All information on our platform is freely accessible, so no hidden fees or subscriptions. Curious about how we keep this platform going financially? Read all about it in our about-section. Yes, we are open about that too.

Reduce the paperwork

Nobody likes doing paperwork. Neither do we. So wherever possible, we try to provide you with tools that can help reduce this administrative load. Off course, the easiest way is just to outsource the paperwork to a partner, but if you are the type of person that likes to do everything yourself or likes to double check, we'll show you the way!

Validated by experts

Our partners not only check our content for errors, they help us to keep it up-to-date with their expertise. Be sure to check out their company pages in our partner section! Besides our partners, our team verifies the content and makes sure that it can be understood by everyone.

Together our team and partners will do their best to keep everything up to date, but if you ever come accross content that is no longer relevant, be sure to let us know!

Reviewed by peers

Besides the expertise of our partners, we get a tremendous help from peers, people that went through the same process as you did! Tens of thousands conpatriots have gone through the exact same struggles you might be facing right now. It would be a shame to let that enormous treasure of knowledge go to waste!

You think something is missing on our platform? Did you find some tools that helped you to figure out your move abroad? Or did you find an error on our platform? Let us know and share your knowledge with peers!

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What's next?

We are working hard on our next versions, check out our planning below!

First version

We officially launched My Global Dreams on the 1st of November 2017 and have been adding new content ever since! If you feel like anything is missing, or if you want to contribute in some way, don't hessitate to contact us!

New countries

Can't find your destination on our website? Don't worry! We are adding new destinations every few months. Just leave a message in our contact section, we might be able to help you out even before the country is 'live' on our platform!

New products

Off course, in our philosophy, a platform is never finished! We already have a ton of plans to develop new functionalities and we will never cease to add new topicsOn top of that, we are working hard on creating a tool that will automate the entire process for moving abroad or buying a property. Keep an eye on our facebookpage to stay up-to-date!