Checklist emigration Belgians

Checklist move from Belgium

Everybody that wants to move or has moved abroad knows that it’s not an easy task. You have to make a lot of arrangements. Not only do you have to say goodbye to your friends and family but you have to finish the necessary paperwork. There is so much that needs to be done, it’s easy to lose track of what you’re doing. We wanted to make things easier for you, so we created this checklist. Now you can move abroad without worrying you forgot something.


Step 1: Which documents do you need to check or legalize

  • Change your address (at the latest 5 days before you move)
  • Extend your passport and or drivers license if necessary
  • Check the papers from your car
  • Go to the post office or inform them through DoMyMove
  • Change you home insurance to your new address
  • Transfer your medical files to a new doctor
  • Arrange a moving van or look for an international moving company
  • Look up if the country of your destination has a belgian embassy
  • Make sure you check the passport of your animals (shots,legalize passport,...)
  • Search for a new veterinarian
  • Search for a way to transport your animals
  • Notify the central animal life if your animal has a chip
  • Search for a new school or daycare for your children
  • Notify the civil register of your current residence about your move abroad
  • Request child support
  • Notify social security
  • Verhuis je naar een land buiten Europa en dat niet in deze lijst staat: Sluit je dan aan bij een ziekenfonds in het land waar je naar verhuisd. If you move to a destination outside of Europe and not mentioned on this list  .Then you have to apply for a new health insurance in the country of your destination
  • Talk through the different options with your bank
  • Check the residence and import permit
  • Certificate of civil status  (Marriage certificate, birth certificates, death certificate,...)

Step 2: What do I have to cancel

  • Cancel your electricity: The contract is on your name so you can’t pass it on to the next tenants  (with rental)
  • Cancel your subscriptions  (magazines, cellphone, public transport,...)
  • Terminate your rent or sell your house
  • Terminate phone
  • Drop the children out of school
  • Cancel the internet subscription


  • Check if you have moving damage
  • Register yourself at the belgian embassy: You will get a new passport
  • Register yourself with the civil register in your new place of residence.
  • Register yourself at the local bureau for employment (If you are unemployed)
  • Search for a new school for children
  • Meter reading of your house
  • Sign a new contract for gas, water, electricity, internet,...
  • Look for a new bank