Pension from the UK

Which type of pension do I receive when I move abroad?

As long as the UK remains part of the EU there will be no difference in your pension. If you are living in the EU than you still receive state pension if you have paid enough UK national insurance. You can check how much state pension you would receive right here

How do I claim my pension? 

First of all it's important to fill out your application in time. We recommend that you send in your application 4 months before you have reached your state pension age. 

There are two ways to fill out your application

1. You can contact the international pension centre

2. You can send the international claim form to the international pension centre. You can find the address in the form.

If you don't live abroad the entire year than you have to choose were you want your pension to be paid. You can't switch between the two countries. You also have to choose which bank account you want your pension transferred to. You can choose between a bank in the country you are living in or a bank in the UK. You will need your International bank account number (=IBAN) and your bank identification code.

Please note that your pension will be paid in local currency. The rates can change therefore so can the amount of pension you receive. Above that if your payment is due in the same week as an American holiday there could be some delay because an American bank processes the payments for pension abroad.

How can my pension be affected?

It is important to remember that your pension will only increase yearly if you live in the following countries

  • The European economic area which includes these countries 
  • Countries that have a social security agreement with the UK (exceptions: Canada and New-Zealand)
  • Switzerland
  • Gibraltar

If you want more advice on how your pension can be affected when you move abroad, you can contact the international pension centre.

Where do I report changes?

Don't forget you need to report any changes to the international pension centre by phone or in writing. You must never report these changes by email.

If you decide to move back to the UK you'll have to inform HM revenue and customs. You also need to contact the Pension service. Before you do make sure you know your return date and contact details (both in the UK and abroad).