Buying process in Portugal

Buying process in Portugal

What does a typical buying process in Portugal look like?

Are you preparing for your adventure in Portugal? You probably noticed that it's difficult to do everything quick and in a smooth way. Regardless of your destination: you have to be well prepared for realizing your dream abroad. In this part we outline the basics of the buying process in Portugal. Then you can start your search, having sufficient knowledge.

The Start

How do you exactly start searching for the perfect house to live in or that perfect piece of land in Portugal? At first, by informing yourself well. Look for a lot of information about the region or the village/city in which you want to buy. If you're still in doubt about which region you want to buy in, then pay close attention to the differences (eg. different climates).

When you know in which village/city you want to buy or there are only a few options left, it is wise to request information from the municipality concerned. For example, information about the amount of habitants, but also the cadastre. This can be very useful. The last you want is that the idyllic piece of farmland in your backyard can suddenly be used as industrial estate.

Before you start searching it's also important to determine a few things for yourself. That way you can keep structure in your search:

  • Your budget: what is the maximum? Are you taking a mortgage?
  • Basics:
    • Do you want to renovate? Or does it have to be ready to move in?
    • What distance to the centre of services like supermarket do you wish for?
    • Amount of rooms, size of your garden, swimmingpool?
  • Focus: Why do you want to move? What do you value the most? (for example: if you're moving to Portugal for some peace and quiet, you should check the atmosphere in the neighbourhood before buying). 

The search

It's possible to conduct your search online as well as using real estate agents. In both cases, you'll have to deal with different people and issues. Below we have outlined different persons and issues you'll encounter during your buying process.