Transaction costs in Portugal

All costs involved with buying a property in France

Extra costs during purchasing a house in Portugal are usually higher than in other European countries. Keep this in mind while estimating a budget en choosing a property. The major part of the costs will be calculated based on the established value of the property (valor tributável). Additional costs, besides the purchase cost, are:

  • Notary costs
  • Lawyer costs. Getting an independent lawyer can prevent a lot higher costs and is strongly recommended.
  • Mortgage costs
  • Costs for the real estate agent.
  • Buying a newly built property, you'll have to take into account costs for utilities.
  • Costs for registration of the purchase document.
  • A confirmed translation of your documents for applying for a mortgage. Read more on what you have to do to apply to a mortgage on this page.

Also various taxes are required when purchasing a property:

  • IMT. This is a transfer tax that has to be paid by the selling of property. The percentage depends on matters like type of property, rural or urban and use of the property.
  • Taxes on added value for new property.
  • Stamp duty. This percentage is set on 0,8% of the established value.

You can find more information about these taxes on this website (only in Portugese).