Real estate agents in Portugal

Real estate agents

Real estate agents in Portugal

Most of the houses in Portugel are sold via a real estate agent. Real estate agents in Portugal need to have a license (mediador autorizado). It is always possible to ask the agent to see this license. Besides, a Portugese real estate agent is required to join the organisation INCI (before named IMOPPI). If the agent did not join this branche institute, he is not allowed to carry on working as a real estate agent. This registration is recognizable by a permit with a registration number (licença No. b.b. 6754-AMI or Licença AMI-6754). This number needs to be displayed by agents in advertisements. 

Before you visit a property it is a possibility that a real estate agent asks you to sign a document. The purpose of this document is to guarantee his commission. Smaller real estate agencies can't afford to demand exclusivity (meaning that a house is for sale at only one agency), so the house is displayed by different agencies. By signing the document, the agents comission is safe, if you would also obtain information from another source.

The commission for a real estate agent in Portugal is pretty high, namely between 3% and 6%. This commission is paid for by the selling party. For you, as a buyer, there are no extra costs due to the commission.