General information Portugal


Portugal isn't just a country with lovely villages you'll also find the most beautiful nature in Portugal. Portugal has the full picture: Sun, sea, beaches, but also a lot of green nature. For example The Azores or Madeira which is known as the flower island. So it's very normal to dream of a life in Portugal. But to realize that dream you will have to make some difficult choices. Below we are going to discuss some pro's and con's of each region in Portugal to help you make your decision.

Regions en structure

Portugal consists of seven regions. Besides the five regions on the mainland, they also have two islands: The Azores and Madeira are also separate regions. The five regions on the mainland are: 

  • The North 
  • Central Portugal
  • Lisbon Region
  • Alentejo
  • Algarve.

Besides these regions Portugal also consists of 18 districts. You can see these different districts on the map pictured here. 

Regions en Climate

North Portugal:

It's nice and warm during the summer in North Portugal and it barely rains. The average temperature during summer is 25°C. During winter it could rain a little more but nothing compared to what we get in Belgium and the Netherlands. The average temperature during winter is 14°C.


The Portugese inland is known for it's warm summers and chilly winters. During summer temperature could rise to 45°C in certain areas. But it does cool down at night that's why the evenings in the inland are very pleasant whit an average temperature of 15°C.

Portugese Coast:

Are you not a fan of the cold winters in Belgium or even in some other parts of Portugal. Then you should definitely consider moving to the Portugese coast since the Portugese coast is known for it's mild winters. But the temperature of the seawater at the northern Portugese coast is lower than on the southern coast. 


The mediterranean climate in Algarve is perfect if you're sick of all the rain showers. Averagely there are about 50 days of rain in Algarve. During summer it's nice and warm with an average temperature of 30°C. You won't be cold during winter either because even then Algarve has a pleasant average temperature of 17°C.


Madeira is know as the Flower Island. The island got it's name because it looks like there's an eternal spring from October until May. Besides that on the south side of Madeira you'll find a subtropical, dry, warm climate. So you'll enjoy a pleasant temperature of 26°C during the entire summer. The chances of rain showers are higher on the north side of Madeira.


The Azores is known for it's mild climate. It feels like spring throughout the entire year. You will also find the most beautiful nature in the Azores. During summer you'll enjoy an average temperature of 25°C and during winter you'll still be able to enjoy a comfortable 17°C. The Azores does suffer from the occasional stormy day. But the beautiful nature you'll find on the island will make you forget those days in a heartbeat.